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Kahm CBD Tinctures – For Pets (250mg)

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Kahm CBD Tinctures – For Pets (250mg) Your four-legged family member will love our CBD Tinctures for pets. This CBD oil for pets is great for dogs, cats & other four-legged friends. Our CBD Tincture for pets is one you can comfortably share with the animals you love. Our broad-spectrum CBD tinctures are made from the highest quality, organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and are diluted with hemp seed oil. Our CBD oil for pets only has CBD extracted from U.S. grown hemp and use third party labs to test for consistency and content. Our tinctures contain no detectable amounts of THC.

Directions for Use: 1 dropper is equal to approximately 8.33mg CBD Note, our tinctures absorb sublingually so they needs to be given under the tongue. Under 25lbs  1/2 dropper per day

25 - 50 lbs.  1 dropper per day

50 – 75 lbs    1.5 droppers per day

75 – 100 lbs  2 droppers per day

Over 100 lbs 2.5 droppers per day

Recommended for Support: Managing Normal Stress Promoting a Calming Effect Maintaining Normal and Balanced Behavior Maintain a normal Inflammatory Response

Active Ingredients Per Serving (1 dropper): Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract (with naturally occurring CBD)………..8.33mg Inactive Ingredients: (Roasted Chicken) Hemp seed oil, Roasted Chicken Flavoring Inactive Ingredients: (Salmon) Hemp seed oil, Salmon Flavoring Inactive Ingredients: (Natural) Hemp seed oil

Servings Per Container: 30 We recommend splitting the total amount given between am and pm and outside of mealtime. Each animal reacts differently; we suggest starting below the recommended dosage and increasing until you see the desired results. Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light. Do not refrigerate.